Art…It’s all in How You Look at It.

I made bratwurst art art

Sure, I could have been mad. I could have cussed a little…or a lot. But I looked at it differently.

My bratwurst exploded extravagantly in the microwave and it just looked…beautiful.

Okay, that sounds nuts. I get that. But seriously, you should have seen it. Sprays of brown, swirls in the center, arced off the plate up onto the walls of my microwave. It looked intentional; it looked like art. I considered taking a picture of it but I was hungry, so I didn’t.  Now I kind of regret it.

I added it to a sausage roll, loaded it up with sauerkraut, a smidgen of dijon, a spatter of mustard and headed for the table, amused. Wherein,  I discovered my food art masterpiece was unfinished. It continued onto the table where I splattered mustard and sauerkraut across two books and then while trying to pick it off, flicked mustard through the air.

Sometimes you are Leonardo da Vinci, sometimes you are Jackson Pollock, but at least you are spectacular.


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