Casie Blevins, Intrepid Wordsmith

So, I’ve decided to take the jumping

I have officially set up my WordPress to post my stories automatically. Once a week, on Fridays. At least for the next six weeks. At which point I will probably take stock.

This is quite a leap of faith for me, you see. I am committing to this blog thing.

I counted up all the stories that I had written in the last 12 months. I have twenty-eight stories under my belt, ranging from 500 words to 4800 words. Sixteen that I consider ‘done’ or ‘done enough’ and that I am willing to publish. The rest either aren’t done, or you, dear reader will probably never see, anyways. Some fiction is too truthful to publish.

Those sixteen? Well, I’m ready to send them out into the world. Maybe they will be discovered. If nothing else, it is an act of bravery that I can build on. A first step to publication.

I’m going to chase that butterfly.


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