C’est la Vie

Well, I did it.

I accomplished my goal of writing a 5000+ word short story for a submission in three days. And yes my brain in a mushy mashed potato consistency but I’ll be right as rain after some sleep. I even like what I wrote which may change when I review it in a week or two and of course, would undoubtedly be better if I’d had more time but…

C’est la vie.

It’s done. It’s emailed.

It’s officially out of my hands.

In addition to this contest/submission/whatever they call it I sent two more previously written pieces to other places because for some odd reason everything I came across had a April 30th or May 1st deadline, and it all had to get done at once.

Now I wait, which may be the worst part of all.

Ironically, I missed one, and it was the highest paying one by far. I wish I’d pulled the trigger on that one too but when I realized I hadn’t sent it,  it was 12:30AM and officially May 1st.

Oh well.

I’ll just keep writing, gorging myself on fiction novels, and nonfiction novels alike until the day that I stumble across another story submission deadline, (hopefully with more lead time than these bad boys) and have a go at it again.


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