Opportunist Asshat

So, some twatwad stole my purse tonight. I have to admit that this has never happened to me before. They got all the usual stuff, and we cancelled it all within an hour. My cards are a dead end to them, the bank assured us that no fraud had happened yet. That’s a relief. They have my cash which is ironic because I never carry cash. Ever. But whatever. It’s done. Gone. Same with my gift cards, which I hoard like scrooge for a rainy day.

Well, its raining tonight. It really is. How ironic.

What hurts are the other items that are missing.

My journal. Actually, two of them. I have story notes and notes for my novel and actual stories. All gone.

My house key, the key fob for my car. All big safety issues that have to be dealt with directly tonight. So much for sleep. Not that I will sleep well anyways.

Both epi pens and I have no spare. Nothing is likely to happen but now I have to replace them pronto, and that’s a hassle.

My effin arm brace which cost $30. It was my new one too. Of course.

The purse itself, which came from my Grandma. 😦

The final cost? To be determined but probably in the neighborhood of $300, just for the essentials. And my time, and my aggravation, and all for what? What really?

My journals are probably sitting in a ditch somewhere soaking up water as we speak.




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