So, I signed up for three different contests.

I heard back from two of them, one a rejection, one a maybe. I have to admit that I was equally excited about both of them. One evidence that someone OUT THERE, someone professional, read my piece, yay! Plus, my first rejection! Cool! The other exciting because someone liked it enough to consider it for another round–a maybe, so much possibility there! I was bouncing around here like a little 5’2″ Tigger.

Tonight however, that changed. The second one, the maybe, twisted, crumpled, and warped into a no. And just like that, poof went my enthusiasm.


The second rejection sucked, no way around it, an enthusiasm killing machine of pooptacularness.


But…Ever the optimist, that means I have one more, and I’m hopeful. [[Fingers crossed]]

Plus, I am learning of more and more contests, and magazines, and such, all of the time. You better believe that I will be ALL OVER THAT.

I’m on a mission…


4 thoughts on “Rejection

    • Yes! That’s my goal too. I just don’t always know where to look. So much of what I come across is a total accident–plus the deadline is super short–like three days notice–that sort of thing. I’m up for a challenge though. If I can, I WILL!!! 🙂 By the way, I love your website. I’ve been meaning to tell you that but I’m still new at this WordPress stuff. Still figuring out how to navigate it…


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