“How, Where, When, Why, What Do You Write?”

art of short storyI recently read an interesting piece by Kate Chopin, a 19th century writer, on her author’s perspective. (Google her: she wrote some way-before-her-time stuff, thank me later.) She was asked the question, ‘How, where, when, why, what do you write?’

I thought that I would answer in kind:

How: I usually write with a pencil on one of many many notebooks, journals, and yellow legal pads spread all over the house.  I’ve always written with pencil–easy to erase although I rarely erase. I keep at least a dozen sharpened pencils on my desk that are swiped from my kids’ school supplies and rotate them out frequently. (A personal quirk of mine.) Lately, my husband bought me a few pens because of my wrist and I do find them easier to write with but… 98% of the time I still write with pencil. 1% of the time I actually type directly from my brain, like now.

Where: I am lucky enough to share a hobby space with my family so while I write (or craft) they are all around me at any given time. I have a table for a writing desk which suits me quite fine. It’s almost always a nightmare mess, though. I sit in a maroon office chair that we bought in college, which, at this point, has got to be the oldest piece of furniture we own.

When: Not to sound trite, but anytime I want to. During commercial breaks, after breakfast, all morning, in the afternoon, late, late, late into the evening. I always have time for writing because I make time. There will always be dishes to do or other chores to do but my muse won’t always hang around and wait.

Why: I write because to not do so would cause my brain to suffer. I would get mental constipation.

What: I write speculative fiction. That’s the easy answer. Horror, Sci Fi (not Syfy which any Grammar Nazi will tell you is pronounced sif fee), General Fiction, whatever  flits through my mind at the time. A lot of the time I write the first line having no idea whatsoever how the story will go, who it is about, or what will happen. Occasionally, I don’t even know the sex of the main character. I trust the universe to provide, and it always does.

So, that’s my author perspective. Hope you enjoyed it. As always, hit the like button if you can find it, comment your little hearts out, and until next time…


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