Busy is Best, Busy is Beautiful

I’m doing Camp Nanowrimo this month. I had about 8 hours to prepare for it and all of those hours were sleeping. So..yeah. But I am committed to doing the project although the likelihood of my hitting 50,000 words by July 31st is close to null. 30,000, yes. I think that those 30,000 words (plus more to get to the end of the novel) will produce a very interesting project. I’m thrilled with it.

I want to try new ways of writing and Nanowrimo fits right into that. Taking on the impossible is kind of my thing. Write a whole novel with no planning? Write a multi-character, Multi-POV, multi-generational, fantasy that stretches me? Sure, why the hell not. How else do you grow as a writer?

This week has been particularly busy. I am in an Iron Writer challenge (5 Writers, 4 Elements, 500 words in 5 days), due Monday–my first challenge. I have my piece written already–I did it the first day. Hopefully, today I will like it as much as I did yesterday and I can send it in. Go vote for it, starting, I think, Thursday or Friday. theironwriter.com I’ll get back to you on that. Like I said, it’s my first one.

This morning, I woke up from a very unsettling dream that sat me down and told me to write it. 1200 words later, and I am quite pleased with it. It’s completely different than my usual faire–it’s in present tense for one. It has a short staccato style reminiscent of Noir stories and beyond the first scene I had no idea while writing it what was going to happen. I was pleasantly pleased at the ending. It was a surprise to me, but there was closure. A nice wrap up.

If that sounds self-congratulatory–I’m sorry. The attitude comes from the way that I write. How I channel it–it’s full of discovery for me. I’m writer AND reader, for all my stories. Always. Is that wacky? Well, I’m in good company.

I love writing short stories because of the sense of completion they give you as a writer. You bear the satisfaction of having a complete project (hopefully) well done in no time at all. Like taking a break in the middle of my novel to have an orgasm.

Speaking of my novel–I have six betas–SIX!!!– reading my finished novel, The Independence of Annika. I am joyous–jump on the couch joyous.

Leave a comment and let me know how YOU write. Are you a channeller like me, or more of a outliner? Do you plan the whole thing out in advance or do you prefer to be surprised like me?


7 thoughts on “Busy is Best, Busy is Beautiful

  1. I used to let the characters write the story for me. If it’s a casual story, something I’m writing for myself, then I’ll still do that sometimes. There’s no better surprise than the ones your characters give you about the direction of your stories.
    However, since taking part in my first NaNo in November last year, I realized I absolutely suck at writing anything worth reading without rough outlines beforehand. I ended up with 88000 odd words which I still can’t bring myself to read through, even eight months later.
    Now I give a general overview of what I want each chapter to be about to give me a rough knowing of where I need to go, but also allows for freedom in between (although sometimes I go /too/ vague and knowing how to fill spots is where my old pantser comes through!).

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    • Nano is such an eye opener. I’m learning a lot being forced to move so fast (which if I’m honest hasn’t been fast enough–July has been busier than I expected). But whatever I end up with it will be more than I had before–much more so that’s progress no matter how you look at it. I take notes but I cant even imagine doing an outline. Still–I plan on one day writing from an outline because I know that I will grow from the experience. One task at a time. 🙂

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      • I definitely agree about the eye-opening thing. It’s great! For some people writing from an outline doesn’t work, anyway, so don’t pressure yourself into something if it’s not gonna be productive. It’s always great to experiment though! Good luck when/if you decide to try it out! 🙂

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