Life Through a Horror Lens

resurretion dreamsI just finished Resurrection Dreams by Richard Laymon and I have to give it a 10 for plot and twists. A great twist on the zombie genre. I finished it in my car because while at the doctor’s office I got within 15 pages of the end and I just wanted to finish it unmolested. (You will understand this if you have children.) The day was still new, not too hot, so I sat in my car in  my driveway and enjoyed the last bit with no interruption.

I love the horror genre, find it infinitely satisfying. I have several more Laymon on my shelf but I am going to switch to John Saul’s The Homing which virtually shrieked at me from the back of my double stacked horror bookshelf. I’m already 65 pages into it and I’m liking it.the homing

Thank goodness, I’m a book hoarder. I have hundreds of books just ready to go at any time. This Saul book has been on my shelf for 14 years according to the sticker. Turns out the MC is almost my age. Maybe that’s why now was the perfect time to pluck it of the shelf and read it. I have Stephen King’s latest next to me as well. I’ve had it for two weeks and have felt no particular urge to pick it up. This is unusual to say the least. I guess as he ages I worry about running out of King stories, it makes me reluctant to begin. This is the end of the series so of course I’ll finish it. It just makes me kind of sad to do so. Like I’m approaching the last day of camp, or something.

Who’s your favorite horror writer? Who curls your toes and makes you pant for more?


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