Okay… I admit I cheated

It’s not my fault. Okay, yes it is. But damn, cut me some slack. My ego is getting trashed here and I needed a little bump. The clock is ticking, like LOUD in my ear; I’m only getting older. Temptation rears its ugly head so often that I have to hide emails in a special folder. I have a strong will, normally, but this has just worn me down. I mean, seriously, it’s been almost six weeks. SIX!!!!

I’m speaking of my beta readers, of course. Where was your mind at?

So, my beta readers…. Surely they’d zip right along, right? Well, one did. She finished in four days, comments and all. Those comments have been sitting and moldering in my inbox for five weeks while I have waited impatiently for the rest of the betas to finish reading so that I can read them all together.

Well, screw that noise.

I mean really, if I took five weeks to read a book I’d be batty. How can you stay interested after that much time has passed? How can you follow the story at all?

And of course that’s what my ego was telling me–that self-centered bitch, that squalling little child–whispering in my ear–it’s no good, its not compelling enough, they’re not interested…

So yeah, under that kind of pressure, I caved. I cheated. Last night,  I opened up my Ameyra file (so named for my beta reader) and read her comments. All of them. I’m not proud of it.

But my ego doesn’t care–she’s back where she belongs–on the top of the mountain telling me, nay shouting at me–you got this. You’re a writer, and at least one beta reader loved it.

So, yeah. I’m a Cheaty-McCheater-Pants, but so what? I’m sitting on Ego Mountain, and that’s a helluva trade off, don’t you think?update-1

UPDATE: Four out of Six betas are finished! Yay! They all came in within a few days of each other and I am thrilled. One, sadly enough, dropped out (it was too dark for her!) so I am only waiting on one beta now. I went through each of the files (each beta had her own individual file) and was pleasantly surprised and unpleasantly perplexed. Two of my betas had great suggestions, lengthy notes, and will send me in the right direction. One of those two hated the ending–which I’m okay with because I was on the fence about it too. She had the exact same response that I had–it was too fast so I will revise accordingly. The last beta left me scratching my head in wonder. Her only suggestions had nothing whatever to do with the story and were completely upside down bassackwards wrong grammatically. I can’t fathom what was going on there but I’m still glad to have had her as a reader. She liked the story even if she had trouble with–well. I won’t blast her–she meant well, bless her heart. Not everyone is cut out to be a beta reader–a true one, whose goal is to improve the writing, and who reads and writes enough to know the craft as well. Which is why I wanted as many betas as I could get, because you never know where people are in regards to their abilities. I would like to give a special shout out to Renee Fox and Lacy Lowry who proved to be exceptional betas–thanks for your help, guys, you were very helpful.


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