Join Me in a Challenge…If You Dare

So, I’m thinking about doing my own version of a Nanowrimo challenge–but horror themed for the month of–what else? October. I was going to say one per day but that seems lofty, so how about five per week? That might be doable.

The frugal part of me wants to hoard the stories and keep them to edit. The carefree part says–just do it! Post them with abandon!

I’m asking that you join me. I don’t expect you to write twenty 500 word stories–just pick your favorite or one that tickles your fancy and write that one. Then post here in the comments, or on your own blog and link the challenge. No time limits other than the end of the month.

The first challenge: horror-1

Let’s get started!


Here’s my take on it.


6 thoughts on “Join Me in a Challenge…If You Dare

  1. Will you do another favour? Please! Share the five prompts of the week on the first day of the week, so that we can mull over them through the week? You know horror stories are a little tough to come, you need the mood! Please!!!

    I don’t/cant check my blogs every day, but if you post all five prompts on Mondays then of course individually through out the week, I will love to join you!

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    • That sounds like a good idea but I think I will stick to the once per day–each post is already set up and scheduled. The good news that there isn’t a deadline other than the end of the month. So feel free to skip around through the prompts, or mull for as long as you like–well, until Halloween, that is! 🙂


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