My take on Horrorimo #6

I wanted to do a psychological horror piece, so although this picture may be at first glance of a zombie, you will find something very different here.

One Drop of Sweat
Word Count: 367


horror-6“That was the only time I truly feared for my life,” she said, and she had to admit that in this moment right now with the sun streaming in the windows and Duane Mark sitting before her in the black leather chair, silent, her heart pounded too hard, erratically. Almost like terror but she was safe, that was the difference. Now she was safe. No fingers squeezed at her throat, no blood pounded in her ears. Leaving her broken.

“You were above me sweating, and a drop of it slipped off the tip of your nose and dripped onto my face. I bet you didn’t even notice.”


His eyes had been intense that night, the only part of him visible in the dark room, but internal. He may have been inside of her but he was also a million miles away. Vaguely, like a dream, she could hear the whoops and laughs of the other party goers. Those happy people downstairs who were not being ripped in two.


“I thought that drop of sweat would make me vomit. I really did. And isn’t that funny?”

He didn’t respond. His eyes blank, vacant. That was okay with her.

“My insides bleeding out of my body, and a drop of sweat is what threatened to undo me.”


Afterwards, he’d tossed her panties at her like they were a prize. She’d put them back on slowly, numb and dead inside while sitting on the edge of a bed in a stranger’s room. The victor, her handsome suitor, already having left the room.


“I spent a year inside that horror. Reliving that moment. Day, night, didn’t matter, it was all a walking nightmare. I was encapsulated in pain.”

She leaned close to his face, its bruises purple, his jaw broken. One eye opaque.

“And what were you doing? Huh?”

She spit in his face, then. Stood up tall, tossing the bat down behind her. It clattered across the office then settled against the baseboards leaving a bloody trail across the floor that slowly darkened in the brightness of the room.

“Well, you’re not doing it any more, are you?”



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