I’m a Grown Up Now

But that means my brain doesn’t work as well.

You know how your computer gets slow when you’ve got 16 tabs open on your screen?

Yeah, that was me this week. today-in-tabs

I’m pretty good at multi-tasking but like everyone else I have my limits. My limits were exceeded this week. Lesson planning, skating (and realizing that I am one out of shape mofo), prepping to be docent for the very first time for a Homes Tour, the usual family stuff including planning for shopping, then actually going grocery shopping, setting up two more weeks on my blog, writing stories for my blog. My to do list was 10 deep and I didn’t even come close to reaching the end. Did I mention being a docent for a Homes Tour? Oh, I did– well it bears mentioning again. And again. I have been crawling out of my skin nervous about it all month long. If you are an introvert you will understand the kind of all encompassing stress that I’m talking about. Definitely glad I did it though.

This week bamboozled my brain, for sure. Straight to mush. No kidding. Well, you know.

So…. instead of writing for prompt #9 on Friday night, I wrote #11. Then apologized for forgetting #10, while being completely oblivious of forgetting #9. Good grief.

Anyway, I’ll do #9 for Sunday. #10 for Wednesday.

Next week I won’t be such a stressed out mess. And hopefully, that will improve my brain capacity.


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