My take on Horrorimo #11


Well, I goofed and wrote the prompt for #11 instead of #10, so these will be slightly out of order. Whoops! I’ll post #10 tomorrow. I have a super busy Saturday planned so this is written last minute with no final edits, so sorry if there are typos. Enjoy.

An Affair of the Senses
Word Count: 382


horror-12It saw the woman when she left her hotel room and entered her 1967 Ford Mustang, suitcase in hand. She was in a hurry but the demon was not, it simply watched her from the shadows. The sun was bright in the sky and as her car pulled out of its spot scraping gravel out from under its tires, the demon followed her snaking its way through the midday shadows between the buildings and to the tree line along the road. Ordinarily it went no further, but today…

The woman felt nothing of the demon’s presence. Her mind was on her lover, her body clean of their lovemaking but her sex still responding to his memory. She was on her way home back to a life that she had forgotten for a time at the Restful Place Motel, back to her husband and her red brick suburban McMansion.

The ‘67 Mustang she drove was a rich vintage burgundy, a two toned beauty that shone in the sun. She put her blinker on, and the demon had a split decision to make.  Just as the woman pulled out and to the left, it decided, leapt across the sunlit pavement, a puff of smoke, or less, descended into the topless car and slid into the backseat.

The woman flipped on the radio, an oldies station.

Its eyes closed and its blackened head bobbed along to the song, remembering a past life, a past era. The demon shivered with delight. It lay upon the saddle tan vinyl seats and remembered the slick feel of them. As much as it could, it lolled.

The woman lit a cigarette, and blew out the smoke. Some of it wafted into the back seat and the demon opened its eyes. Alert, it slunk to the floorboards, then wrapped its body around and around the woman, like a tornado of fury, waited for her to breathe in the cigarette then entered the flame. It shot past her teeth, into her mouth and straight down to her soul.

It leaned over, turned up the radio just as What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong came on. It leaned back in the seat, pressed the pedal to the floor and roared with laughter.1967convert




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