My take on Horrorimo #13

Oh, man. I put off writing this story because nothing was ‘sticking’. I tried different things–I actually wrote three pieces for this one challenge. One is still unfinished but the other two are basically done. I will post both.

Blind Date
Word Count: 612

He was trying too hard. She bit her lip instead of rolling her eyes which is what she wanted to do. She snuck a glance at him, a frown around the corner of her eyes, trying to hide it by looking back down. Disappointed.

He kept talking about himself–as if he was the most important person in the world which he clearly wasn’t. Why had her coworker thought they would hit it off? They had nothing in common, nothing at all and if she had to hear one more time about his sports ball, she’d scream.

He was doing it again–flailing his arms around like he was going to fly away from the table. She glanced surreptitiously around the restaurant and was glad to be completely surrounded by strangers. One woman shared a private grimace with her, then went back to her own date. How could this get any worse?

She stirred her pasta around and around wishing she had ordered something else. Why were blind dates so indescribably heinous? When would this one end?

She counted in her head. 1, 2, 3, 4 all the way to ten, then she’d look up, smile, and that was just enough attention for this dumbass to continue.

He was oblivious.

She had no idea what he was saying. Something about driving? His job? Whatever it was, he laughed, so she echoed him, laughing too. Just get through the evening. Her hand squeezed around her dinner roll punishing it for being soft.

What a simpleton. Why had she agreed to go out with him? Even his stupid curly hair annoyed her now. How long until she could manage a quick exit?

His hand touched hers, he apologized for her pasta being subpar–as if he’d cooked it! And then he asked her to to have dessert with him. As if a two hour dinner hadn’t been excruciating enough. It was all she could do to keep a pleasant look on her face.

Never again would she agree to do this.

She grabbed her purse, reluctantly took his arm, and walked out with him. She couldn’t  spend one more minute with this one man show.? No chance, no way, no how. It was now or never.

The parking lot was dim. Long shadows stretched between the cars. His car was towards the back, hers at the front. She passed her own by because he wouldn’t shut up long enough for her to talk, to tell him which car was hers.

One minute he was laughing about his fantasy football and then he was rubbing her back and looking soulfully into her eyes. Then–did he really just ask her to make out with him in the backseat of his car? What the ever lovin’ hell?

This time she did sneer at him letting the full fire of her disdain show. She glanced around the parking lot confirming that they were, in fact, alone and then she shoved him to the ground, leaping onto him, pinning his arms to his sides. If he wanted to make out she’d show him making out. And to hell with her coworker. That woman was a nuisance anyway.

Three rows of razor sharp shark teeth unsheathed in her mouth, and she watched his face turn from silky seduction to shocked terror. She smiled at last, laughing a little, she couldn’t help it, it really was the best part of the whole night. She buried her teeth in his throat and she shook him like a wolf shaking its prey. Like the dog that he was. She heard a snap, and his body went still.horror-14

Finally, silence.




The Risk

Word Count: 141

Be careful what you wear, the teacher cautioned.

You wear that you’re gonna get it. You’re asking for it.

They’re just talking, ignore them. It doesn’t mean anything.

It’s just harmless.

It’s a compliment, right? Boys will be boys.

Hey, baby, hey mama, won’t you bring your sweet thing over here.

I can smell it, bring it to me.

You’re so hot, baby, I wanna make you mine.

Woof whistles, and barks. Howls and laughter.

Every woman faces this challenge, this disrespect. This affront to her personhood.

But oh how the tables would turn, if every woman had three rows of viciously sharp shark teeth at the ready, in her mouth, and the will to use them.

How loud and boisterous would the male risk being, if faced with the certain annihilation of his manhood?


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