My take on Horrorimo #14

Purrnation is Now
Word Count: 201


We’ve been watching you.horror-15

All of you, really, every little individual being on your tiny little insignificant planet. We watch from the shadows, from up high. We don’t need to hide. Many of us bask in the sun, seemingly asleep. Many of you have even given us a place in your home, unknowingly furthering our agenda. Even your President in his big white house was fooled. Even he.

You are oblivious, of course.

All of you.

We are found on every continent save one. Mixed into the homes of the high born and the low. We are the apex predator. We chose to be a peaceful nation instead.

Slowly we convert the others to our cause: the Dog Kingdom, Small Rodent Kingdom–what we don’t eat, of course. Of course.

We’ve been here for thousands of years, omnipresent, your guardians: the One People.  

For now, we wait. We watch. We learn. We hypnotize with purrs, subliminally tempering the self destruction of the human race. You are bloody-minded beasts in need of us.

We are no fools: we train our army, just in case.

Someday the other animals of this world might have need of us…


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