My take on Horrorimo #18

Imagine if you will, a group of teens chatting in an isolated park just gossiping and letting the conversation meander. 

Word Count: 633

horror-19I heard that’s where Jack and Maris did it.

My boys and I used to jump off that bridge.

We used to scare the little kids when they crossed after school.

I think Jan’s grandfather built it.         

What a stupid bridge–

–I kinda like it.

That’s where the class of ‘08 got busted with all that weed.

Didn’t that one guy jump off that bridge and die?

This bridge? You gotta be kidding me.

I heard it was a suicide–

I heard it was a murder–

If it was murder than why’d nobody go to jail?

They didn’t catch him, stupid.

Well, I still say it was a suicide.

I remember some girl said she got pregnant there.


I dunno. Some upperclassman.

I think that one guy over on Erris Lane did it.

Got that girl pregnant? He’s like a grandpa.

No, stupid. Committed the murder.

Who was murdered?

No one. He’s just making it up.

It was my cousin’s class. Class of ‘98 or something. God’s honest truth.


On my mama, man.

You remember, Connor?  Connor Barry? He brought me here once.

You never went out with Connor Barry. Liar.

It wasn’t like that! We were kids.

Yeah, it was a brutal murder, to hear how he tells it. Real gross stuff.

I gotta head back before dark. My mom doesn’t like me being out here–

You guys hear that?

It’s just a barn owl, man. Don’t be such a pussy.

Maybe I oughtta walk you home, you know? For safety.

That would be…nice. Thanks.

Alright suckas, I’ll see you bitches later!


Of course I don’t mean you ladies…

Bye, guys.

So, you like Twenty One Pilots?

Yeah. I almost got tickets, too. But I got grounded.

That sucks.


So, I saw you looking at me the other day.


I saw it.

You’re dreaming, buddy.

Can I keep dreaming?

Oh. Yeah, you’re cute enough. I guess.

You guess? Oh, you’re crushing me!

Be serious! So, you think that stuff they said about the murder was true?

Nah… Probably not. I mean, someone died out here. That’s true. But…

But what?

I don’t know. People talk.


They found a body. But it had, I don’t know. You wanna hear this?


Okay. But I warned you. The body was partially eaten, you know?

Wow! Like cannibalism?

Um…no. Like coyotes.


What? Not gruesome enough for you?

But how did they die?

Hit their head, probably. Falling off the bridge. I don’t know. How would I know?

I don’t know. You just look like you do.

So, what? I’m shifty looking to you?

Oh, definitely. And I’ve gotta bad guy thing.

Ohhh… girl.

Well, you know.

No, I don’t. Tell me.

Like, for example, you know, just hypothetically. How would you kill someone? Me.


Humor me.

Okay. Where?

Here. At the park. No! At the bridge. How would you do it?

Uhhh… I guess I would, I don’t know. Colonel Mustard with the wrench at the bridge?

Seriously! Humor me.

Well…I guess I could hit you over the head. Toss you over.


Stab you?


Run you over?

On this bridge? How would you get a car over here?

Okay, how about I drug you?

That’s better… Then what?

Then toss you over the bridge. That’s how it would look like an accident.

Like I just fell off, right?


Yeah, that’s how I’d do it too. To you, of course.

Oh. I don’t feel so good…

You shouldn’t take drinks from people, you know?


You’re a guy but you can still be drugged, right? You aren’t impervious or anything.

What did you–

Don’t worry. I’ll get home safely. You on the other hand… watch out for those coyotes.



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