My Take on Horrorimo #20

I took a different tact here. It’s not a horror story for US. But it sure would  be for the Devil. Enjoy.

Word Count: 360horns

Wait. Don’t walk away yet.

We aren’t done here, you and I. We haven’t finished, haven’t concluded our journey. We are still in motion. My heart beats for you. I can see yours, fluttering around in your chest at a fast pace: it beats for me, too.

I know it.

Look in my eyes, stay right there. You know it, too.

You may call me a devil but only one of us knows that for sure.

I never meant for this to happen. You probably didn’t either but here we are, aren’t we? We can’t go back. You aren’t that homespun girl next door anymore. I’m not the prince of all things dark. I’m just…

What is it about you anyway?

I can’t leave you alone. Can’t escape your gravitational pull. Not from the moment I saw you, across the room in that sandwich shop have I been able to turn away. Not one thought has been mine after that moment when your dark eyes saw into mine and you smiled instead of running away in fear.

I asked you your name. Rachel, you said.

Before I even knew what was happening I had shared my name too. Graham.

My secret name, not the well known ones. How did you do that?

Do you want to sit together, you said.

How could I refuse such a simple request. Why did I not?

You are a dangerous little minx. You roped the devil like he was an unbroken foal, then tamed him.

You did this with your eyes. You did this is a lavender dress and white flats looking and smelling for all the world like a flower garden.

I am death and you are life and how can this be?

My Rachel. My love? My devil with angel wings entrapping me. Me!

With love’s twisted chains; how I detest it. But not you, darling. I could never detest you.

No, don’t cry. Please. You don’t know what it does to me.

I am eons old but I fear I won’t live another week, another day, another minute. Not if you walk out that door.



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