Ruby by Cynthia Bond

I read about this book in one of my writing magazines. It was touted as being beautifully written which drew me like a moth to a flame. She’s a black writer so I wanted a comparison novel for The Turner House, which I also read. Also, bonus, both novels contained a haint (ghost).

Well, Ruby delivered. Ruby was everything that I’d hoped The Turner House would be: rich, flawless writing. Characters that lived in my brain and wouldn’t let me sleep at night. A complex plot beautifully weaved with a back and forth flashback flashforward story telling style. This book was at once compelling and cringe-worthy with characters so real they at times made me roll my eyes with their shenanigans, with exasperation, or turned my stomach with the length and breadth of their brutality. These characters live and breathe on the page, they touched my heart, and a few even annoyed me–Celia, I’m looking at you.

Now, that’s talent. I can’t wait to see what Ms. Bond publishes in the future. I will put every last one on my book shelf. 5/5


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