Your December Challenge from WriteRdieFiction

Because you didn’t have enough to do already, right?

I’ve been thinking about doing another challenge like Horrorimo. I’d originally planned on doing one-a-day challenges for all of December but seriously who has the time? Yeah, me neither. Well, I say we all have time for at least ONE challenge in December, so here it is:

Rewrite a traditional Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Holiday character or element and make it dark.

Where did I get this crazy idea, you ask?

From Robert Shearman, of course. He wrote a story about Santa Claus that I read some time during the summer in a story compilation called Remember Why You Fear Me. It was such a humdinger (yes, really) I haven’t stopped thinking about it since, and aren’t those the very best kind of stories?

So, there’s your December challenge. Your due date is the first of the year, or you know, whenever. Really, I’m pretty casual about all this. Make it dark, make it fun. Link it to here so I can enjoy it too.

Oh, and stay tuned for a whopper of a challenge I have coming up for 2017. I’ll announce it on the first and we’ll tear it up for 26 challenges (that’s a hint!) for the year.


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