My novel’s progress

It’s been eight months since I touched my novel. Every time I picked it up I felt enormous amounts of resistance. I’d put it down again and work on something else. Man, how time flies, right? I’m glad I did though. I needed the time away from it to really see the faults in it.

The faults are many, but manageable, at least so far. I read through the first fifty pages today. One thing that I noticed–I am IN LOVE with the word ‘just’. Like deeply and passionately so. How did I not notice this before? There were between 1 and upwards of 4 ‘just’s  on every page. ON EVERY PAGE.


I killed those little darlings with ‘just’ a little bloodshed.

For fun, I did a search for how many times I used it in the entire novel. I’m embarrassed to say, the grand total was:


Yes, really.  I’m going to have my work cut out for me, but I’m looking forward to it. I’m ready to type ‘The End’ on this project and break out the chainsaw on my novella, Dead Letters.

So, 4th edit for me, then compile and attend to the problems that my betas found, then maybe one more round of betas. Then edit, and send it off into the world either through Amazon Createspace, or do it the more traditional way. Still on the fence with that decision. Both seem like viable ideas.


Okay. Deep breath. I’m done? Well… I’m ready for my betas. I’m going to take tomorrow and reread my last section, make sure because well, I’m paranoid–don’t judge me. Then, I’m shipping this bad boy off to two lucky betas. One friend, one total stranger.  Here is the promised synopsis:

Tagline: A young girl’s search for independence leads her into a dangerous cat and mouse game with a much older man whose true intentions could destroy her.

General Fiction/New Adult, 105,000 words, full novel,

For seventeen year old Annika Hanover independence isn’t just a right of passage, it’s a life or death mission. A toxic home life has propelled her into the workplace, where she meets 41 year old Buddy Littman, a man with a secret.  Buddy, funny and endearing, seems to hold the keys to her freedom. As their unlikely friendship grows stronger, the strain and disdain of her mother and girlfriend force her into a world of lies and deceit that threaten to consume her. As life’s pressures increase so too does her recklessness and Annika finds herself led into a dangerous world. Will she succumb to her own folly or gain the independence she so desires before it’s too late?


writer download


Seriously, near you. This page in fact.

I’m going to be doing my third edits on my novel, with luck, the last edits. I have one beta reader under my belt and I am going to take their hallowed advice and do some rewriting. Then I want a few more betas to have at it and then a couple of professional editors and then—done???  I still haven’t decided whether I want to go the old fashioned agent and publisher route or the self-publishing route. I’m really on the fence about it. Advice?

I might publish my prequel on and see what happens.

I want to tackle the Bastard Synopsis I’ve heard so much about. And the Outline, that Beast. I’ll need both if I go the Agent/Publisher route.13268199_10154936333472846_8091329792574615576_o


OLD NEWS, SO OLD: I edited about 100 pages of my novel this weekend bringing me to page 212 with 65 or so pages to go. I think that it went swimmingly well. I found one glaring issue timewise that I’d never noticed before and got that fixed up. I chopped a bit, added a bit and I am still hovering around the 98,000 word mark. This is my second draft ( I edit as I go along too so this is probably more like draft number 101, but whatever). I finished Part One and now I just have Part Two to contend with and then I am (maybe?!?) done. Then it will be time to enlist my readers to see what they think, and what problems they might find.

I loooooooove writing. Why haven’t I been more consistent with this in my adult life?

When I am done with Part two I will post a byline or maybe a back cover synopsis.

Yay, productive weekend!


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