Time for Hellish Horrors


What haunts you?WordItOut-word-cloud-2102114.png

Write it down, post it,  or link it here and harass us with your havoc.


Time for D

Did you miss A, B, or C? No worries! Jump right in with D!


I’m sure you can dazzle with your demented dreams of horror.

Link  to here and let us all read it. Don’t wait!


Horrorimo #20


Doesnt seem evil at first glance but…. that’s how they get you.

What is really going on here? Post your comment sized story, link to your magnum opus, let me see your evil creation.

Oh, and by the way this is the last writing prompt for Horrorimo. I hope you’ve had fun. Thanks for all your awesome comments– its been so awesome reading your stories this month. You guys are GREAT. Go ahead and nod, you know it’s true.

Horrorimo #13


Women DO NOT take rejection well, that is an undeniable fact. Take exhibit A, her paramour on the ground regretting his last words…. forever. This lil’ lady is one unhappy chica.

Or… maybe she just fancied a snack? Let me know what you think. Link your fab stories to here so I can read them. Or leave them in the comment box.