How to Make This Writer Happy

Keep coming back! I like repeat offenders.

Hit the Follow button. If you don’t have a word press account, don’t even sweat it, seriously. All they want anyways is an email address and everyone’s got one of those, right? USE that email address. Put it to good use right here on my site. I promise to never ever bug you at it.

Leave comments, lots of pearly, glittery special little comments, aka, otherwise known as: FEEDING THE WRITER’S EGO. Seriously, it’s important. Go do that now, it’s so important not to let the writer starve. Do your part.

I like challenges. Give me a challenge. I’ll try to make your little heart proud. It’ll go thump, thump, thump. Don’t miss out.

Call me the Sparkly Writer Princess, watch how I melt into a soupy sentimental mess.sparkly princess 2

Except for the coffee, I might actually gag if you give me coffee. Now cocoa is a totally different story, or chocolate, or cookie dough, or perhaps some salty chips…